Design Philosophy

Anything should be built, should be built well.

We take the design process very seriously, especially during the concept stage. Structures with good form, from the beginning, have the greatest potential to meet efficiency and sustainability requirements. Adding more materials to a structure is not always the best way to address design problems. Hence, we clearly understand the significance of collaboration with different design professionals.

Professional Engineer

A member of The Institution of Engineers Australia(EA) and The Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines(ASEP), Mico successfully led, executed and helped implement design projects in reinforced concrete and structural steel, ranging from commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings within his decade in the structural engineering industry.

Structural and Seismic Engineering

In the context of strucural engineering, every structure may be split into two basic systems - Lateral and Gravity; hence the name: LaterGravity

As a trained engineer from the Philippines, Mico understands, first-hand, the significance of earthquake within the lifecycle of a structure. Thus, seismic design is a staple in each structural project we work with.

Examples of what has been done...

From engineering design and consulting to software development, Mico built a portfolio of successfully delivered projects through the years, combining fundamental engineering principles, effective management practices, creative processes and use of technology.

5-Storey Hotel and Casino

Located in the southern region of Luzon, this hotel and casino project features 3 core walls, long-span post-tensioned concrete girders and slabs, ballroom hall and a large open floor area which are supported by Nervi-inspired concrete pylons.

Digital Solutions - Design Data Automation

Improving design workflow and minimising errors in data usage towards automation through the use of structural analysis software programs' API (e.g. STAAD.Pro, Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis).

5-Storey Hospital

Shaped from a crucifix on plan, this 5-storey hospital structure is designed mainly as reinforced concrete moment frame system. Contains approx. 150 beds, Out-Patient care, Radiology, Nephrology, Maternity clinics and laboratories, etc.

Parametric Design

Some work requires experimenting on forms to find an efficient structure: A concept of a gable structure for a tropical resort development, using Dynamo and Revit.

25-Storey Residential Apartments

With 2-level basement, this project features reinforced concrete shear and core walls as the lateral force resisting system.

Multi-Storey Commercial Warehouse

This property was destroyed by a fire accident and were re-designed for upgrades including two additional floors. The solution was multiple eccentric braced-frames on critical bays of the old reinforced concrete frames while lattice steel frames were added to support the 15m-span gable roof reaching up to 26m, covering 7 storage floors below.